Friday, January 28, 2011


I love sharing anything and everything with people.  It makes you feel connected and it's just part of my personality.  Every time I run I have a million thoughts, stories, and experiences I think would be fun to share with others.  Hence, the purpose of this blog.  I wish I had started this sooner because man I've had some amazing experiences running (ice, snow, rain, sleet, mud, perfect days, sunrises, sunsets, mountains, Africa, experiences with the Lord, etc).  I can't wait to share many of those as they unfold in the future but for now I'll start with my run yesterday.

I am training for a marathon that's 3 weeks away and my goal is to qualify for Boston 2012 which means I have to run a 3:10 or better (7:15/mile).  So, each week I run some easy runs along with some grueling intervals (really fast miles mixed with slower miles) as well as tempo runs (runs that average faster than my goal race pace).  Yesterday I ran a 7 mile tempo run and it hurt!  I got to mile 6 and realized I had to run a 6 minute final mile to hit my goal and I did it!  At this point in training my body is pushing hard against me screaming "what in h$** are you doing!"  I think I'm part crazy because I love this aspect of running and life, but I think there a many people who would agree the pain is exhilarating!

There is a theory that men have a "nothing box" where they can go and honestly think of nothing.  Scottie, one of my best friends, assures me I have no such thing.  Yesterday as I was running I had a few thoughts:

  • Man, this hurts worse than yesterday...Can I make it?  Am I going to fail?  It would suck to fail after all this training.  Lord, help me to find my value and purpose in you and NOT in running
  • Do the people living in these houses realize that 26,000 children die everyday from preventable diseases while they enjoy a 10,000 sf home...I think I should let them know
  • Lord, forgive me for judging!  Please break my judgmental spirit and give me the Love of Christ for all people
  • I sure hope someone from work drives by and sees me running...that would really make me look cool
  • Dude, get off your cell phone
  • And then I honestly went to my nothing box for a short time
I was able to endure mostly because me and Sal were going on a date after I got back and I couldn't wait to be with her, catch up, and chow down!  I'm resting today (hoping the pain in my leg dies down) and am going for 20 miles tomorrow...yikes.  I'll let you know how it goes. 


  1. Sweet! I have you in my RSS reader!

  2. Love it! Great 1st post! Glad I got to be the treat after a gruesome one

  3. Tay, even though i am your mom, and some would say that disqualifies me from being able to give you an unbiased opinion, i love your blog idea, your first entry, and all your thoughts! you are real! i hope one day someone from work drives by and sees you so you can not only feel cool but tell us about it too. run like the wind and know your moma is always praying for you.

  4. Taylor, I spilt my coffee laughing this morning at work. Love the blog -- I hope for lots of updates, especially after you qualify for Boston!

  5. I love this! Glad I stumbled upon it. LOVE THE STANYS!