Thursday, August 11, 2011

Being Apart of Something

I'm just like a middle schooler!  I've started running with a fairly serious running group near our house and it's awesome!  There is something about being apart of something where a group is pursuing the same thing.  And, where people are similar to you.  I would encourage everyone to get involved with a group doing something you love.

I say I'm like a middle schooler because they are influenced so easily.  Call me weak or a follower or whatever, I find myself wanting what the other guys have.  Some examples...they all run in these really cool shoes that help you run on your toes rather than heel to toe (big controversy I know!) and I find myself wanting them.  They all run with GPS watches so they can track time, distance, pace, elevation, and heartrate...I want one.  I can understand how kids get pulled in a particular direction!

The weekly workouts go something like this: Tuesday = Track workout (I love these cause they are hard and different); Thursday = Tempo run (holding a certain pace for a certain distance); and Saturday = Long Run.  My father in law helped me fix up an old Schwinn Varsity road bike from the late 70s and I've been biking on some of my off days.  It's really fun too!

I've been running with them simply cause I enjoy it but training for a couple of events has begun:
  1. Odyssey Relay = 200+ relay with 11 other guys (I'm not officially apart of the team but hoping to snag a spot); the group won it last year and they are shooting to do it again
  2. Thanksgiving Half - This is becoming a tradition that I love AND my amazing wife is training for it also which is one of the best things ever
  3. Late Fall or Spring MARATHON - I haven't picked a race but I'm hoping to and will be shooting for Boston Qualification.  The snag is the qualifying times drop in September so I'll have to run 3:05 or better...yikes!
Since I haven't been training, I've been asking myself why do I run?  I like pushing myself, I like being apart of something, it's a great workout, and, weird I know, but I like pain.

It's been forever since I sent an update but I've been dying to.  I would love to be more consistent but not sure if it will happen. 

God speed and hope you get out and run!!

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  1. nice post bukes! my eyes lit up when I saw you'd updated your blog! Thanks for inspiring me to run! You're the best ever!